Training in Hypnotherapy

Training in Hypnotherapy and learning to be the best you can be in the field of hypnotherapy is one the best choices anyone can make, and for me it’s the best job in the world!!! I love teaching hypnotherapy, but I also love seeing clients and seeing how they progress through life, it is truly so rewarding, it’s a lightbulb moment watching clients get better and better, day by day!!! It’s a wonderful feeling when you know you’ve made a real positive impact on client’s.

We live in an anxious world so training in hypnotherapy would be such a rewarding career for anyone! Many of my clients have gone on to train with me at my school ‘The Annette Brown School of Hypnotherapy, Coaching, NLP, EMDR and EFT’ and have gone on to opening their own practice and doing well and making a huge difference to others, whilst being the best they can be. Many of them are planning to work full time in their practice and to me, that’s commitment!

Training in hypnotherapy offers us freedom to work when, where and with whoever we choose and it’s very lucrative, but above all it’s rewarding in all aspects. Our career paths are not as linear as they used to be and in the right circumstances this diversity of work can be the opportunity for you to start a rewarding career by training in hypnotherapy to be an amazing hypnotherapist. The chance to start a rewarding career is waiting for you right here-right now.

A student who’s recently qualified with The Annette Brown School of Hypnotherapy, Coaching, NLP, EMDR and EFT wrote this quote in a card she gave to me along with a lovely gift. The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. I consider myself to be the latter two. I always demonstrate and let the students practice, but above all I inspire them to be the best because they’ve learned from the best. Call 01253 969695 to have a chat about a life changing career.