Train to be a Life Coach

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What does a Life Coach do?

As a fully qualified Life Coach we support and inspire our clients to help them to unleash their unlimited potential within to enhance their lives to how they wish it to be. The foundation of Life Coaching is that belief that everyone has an unlimited personal power within and the capability to be, do and have anything in life. As a Life Coach we instil into our clients that they are in fact unlimited in all aspects of life and the only limitations are the ones they place upon themselves!

We are all unique individuals, but we share one very powerful attribute – the ability to create our own reality through our thoughts, intentions, beliefs and actions.

As Life coaches, we work with clients to:

  • Help them to make a firm commitment to be the best they can be.
  • Talk openly and honestly about their situation.
  • Look at their core values, attitudes and beliefs.
  • Look at ways to help them to set goals for positive change.
  • Look at ways of breaking down the goals into manageable steps.
  • Look at the obstacles in their life and discover ways of overcoming these obstacles.
  • Help them to unleash the giant within to stay motivated, determined and committed.

As a Life Coach you are there guide and inspire your client to bring about a clearer understanding of their aspirations, goals and life purpose and to effect the necessary changes in their current and future behaviour to ensure the realisation of those goals and aspirations.

This course offers:

  • Once qualified, admission into the governing body ACCPH.
  • Testimonials from students who have attended courses with me personally
  • Exceptional resources for developing life skills.
  • Practical face-to-face training.
  • Advice on practice management and setting up your business
  • Supervision and CPD (Continuing Professional Development) ongoing.

This course is accredited to a level 4 Diploma with 75 classroom hours and 25 hours practising with 5 clients for 5 hours plus 41 practising hours.