Mind-Body-Emotion Coach

As human beings we have developed, and maintain to develop, our mental and creative capabilities away from every limitation. Yet, there is one area where our understanding diminishes. This is in relation to ourselves, and in regard to our bodies. Although we can imagine how the universe began, we are unable to agree on how the body works. A great number of different approaches to understanding the body have developed over the last few thousand years, each totally valid in its own context, yet differing vastly from each other.

The Western world believes that the body is a thing that needs to be fuelled with food and water and exercised in the hope that this will stop it going wrong. If something does go wrong then it can be automatically repaired. Difficulties are cured with surgery and radiation therapy or drugs and the offending part is cut out or eliminated with chemicals – and life goes on as before

In this context, Western medicine called allopathy has worked wonders. It is extraordinary when we consider the breakthroughs that have occurred, including the development of penicillin and vaccinations, laser surgery and organ transplants, to name but a few. Medical science has saved millions of lives and dramatically reduced suffering. Modern understanding of the body and the ways in which it can go wrong is undeniably impressive.

This course looks at how the mind and body affect each other, and the many ways we can work with both the mind and the body to bring about healing and personal growth. During each module you’ll find it fascinating to see the intricacies of the bodymind relationship unfold. At last we are beginning to understand the human as a living, breathing, communicating, multifaceted, interrelated whole.

My fascination with the bodymind relationship began in my early teens 50 years ago. Initially I felt as if I was slowly discovering different pieces that, when put together, created this extraordinary map of the physical body with another, underlying, map of the psyche and emotions. My aim in this course is to enable you to read your clients bodymind map to bring about perfect health and well-being.

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