A day in the life of a hypnotherapist

A day in the life of a hypnotherapist, I love my job, it’s the best. Hypnotherapy as a Career for me, has been the best thing I’ve ever done, career wise. I first qualified in hypnotherapy in 2005, however I updated my training to Clinical Hypnotherapy in 2014, and since then I’ve done lots of CPD (Continued Professional Development) and embraced every moment. I’ve now taken a very brave step and set up my own training school, it’s called Annette Brown school of Hypnotherapy, no surprise there then! It’s so exciting to know that I won’t just make a difference to my clients lives, I’ll make a difference to my students lives as well, and that’s good.

It’s easy working for someone else, being that you have the security of being paid regularly. Whereas, starting your own hypnotherapy journey, where you will be setting up your own practice, and this can be daunting, but you know it’s not daunting, it’s exciting, it’s a whole new way of life. My day at work for me starts at home, as my hypnotherapy practice is based at home. I’m usually at my desk for 7am, either completing information from yesterday (only because I finished late the evening before) or preparing for the day ahead.

I make a point of only seeing four clients a day, and a couple of new consultations, otherwise my voice goes all croaky (thanks to Covonia’s sugar free mouth spray, this gets me through the day). I check my diary to see what appointments I have scheduled, and then get down to work. Up to 9am are weigh ins three times a week (these are my weight loss clients who are weighed weekly), and then my day begins. I offer free consultations to new potential clients, this is where I meet a client for the first time, and these consultations are important, as firstly, I’ll know if I can work with someone and secondly, they give me understanding as to what the client’s specific needs are, but it also offers the client the chance to discover if they are happy to work with me too.

I love my job, because there’s nothing quite like being successful in your field, and the sense of satisfaction that comes from helping people to move on in life in a positive and constructive way, and seeing them grow and develop in to all that they can be. Remember, success always depends on the second letter, U. If you’d like to join the merry band of hypnotherapists, please go to the annettebrownhypnotherapy.co.uk to download your prospectus. Have a lovely day x