Hypno-Coaching CPD Day

6 CPD Hours

Hypno-Coaching, Annette Brown School of Hypnotherapy offers a one day CPD event of Hypno-Coaching.

 Hypno-Coaching offers the benefits of life coaching and hypnosis all rolled into one!

Do you want to offer your clients ways for them to create a whole new way of being, Hypno-Coaching can help?

Hypnotherapy and Coaching go hand in hand by accompanying each other, and together they offer the client a wide-ranging and unified approach that will help them to make positive changes that make a huge difference. Hypno-Coaching can make amazing changes in life.

Coaching involves your conscious, by increasing awareness and activating action plans.

Hypnotherapy anchors in more maintainable changes by working with the subconscious mind, where all beliefs and habits are formed.

It’s a Hypno-Coaching that helps clients to make meaningful shifts that is uniquely designed to fit each unique client.

£100 including course materials, lunch and refreshments.

The Inn on the Prom

11-17 South Promenade

 Lytham Saint Annes


You’ll Learn:

  • You’ll help the client discover how destructive beliefs and obstacles are formed in the first place, and determine what to do with them once you uncover the source.
  • You help the client move from procrastination and indecision, untangling their fear, questioning their limitations, re-framing damaging thoughts, and releasing old patterns that no longer serve them.
  • You help them to activate self-healing and reinforce their relationship with their inner knowing.
  • The client discovers who they are in essence, along with their values, talents, and desires

The client learns how to integrate and anchor the results of their inner work.

  • The client will learn how to make more intentional choices about setting up their life so that they become energised, as opposed to being drained.
  • You help them to explore new possibilities and take more chances on creating what they really want
  • They become more resilient and able to face curve balls with courage
  • They feel more nourished, satisfied, and capable
  • They are in a better position to share their gifts and launch their own true, meaningful work