Coaching Supervision

Hello, and welcome to my site. After all my years in practice, I still have coaching supervision and attend coaching supervision days, because being a coach can be an isolating career. I love my job, as I feel I have the best job in the world, helping people to unleash their potentials for successful outcomes in life, however I still need that external contact with others in the same shoes as myself. The benefits of coaching supervision to me ultimately brings positive effects for my clients, my students, my practice and above all my business.

Why is Coaching Supervision important?

Coaching Supervision is key to you the therapist to know what works best for you and your clients, and it helps you to discover how you can be highly effective, creative and flexible when working with your clients.

Supervision encourages you the therapist to focus on your own knowledge, strengths and abilities, helping you to work and be highly effective.

Supervision ensures that your clients encounter continual client improvement and care, from you through your on-going professional development.

How can I as your Coaching Supervisor help you with your practice?

  • Support you in working with clients and help you build a successful and safe coaching practice for you and your clients.
  • Help you to identify your own strengths and weaknesses, thereby building on your strengths and strengthening your weaknesses.
  • Help you to develop an ethical and legal practice in a professional manner through your on-going professional development.

My aims as a supervisor are:

For you to work on enhancing your strengths, and build and weaknesses into strengths, enabling you to be the best you can be.

To ensure that when we work together we continuously work on your clients’ needs to bring successful outcomes for them and you.

To help you to build and develop a successful coaching practice Also that you can do that in a safe and ethical way.

I will support you to meet your own individual goals through reflective practice, reflecting on what you are doing well, whilst recognising areas that require positive changes.

As your supervisor, I will help you to build a reputation in your field that is built on Honesty, Truth and Trust, bringing you many successes in your practice.

As your supervisor, I can offer you advice on how to successfully market yourself as a coach, through marketing strategies that have worked for me and can work for you, through effective social media and various other ways.

Supervision Requirements

Coaching Supervision is a condition of most coaching professional governing bodies, including those of the Annette Brown School of Coaching, that new therapists undertake supervision. The ACCPH members are required to engage in this valuable development for 10 hours in a year after qualification. I would highly encourage you to continue this practice after that time.

One to One Coaching Supervision

Supervision can be delivered by Phone, Skype, FaceTime or in person. My approach is flexible, of which is personalised to the needs of the supervisee. In my experience, one-to-one Supervision is all about YOU the supervisee, it’s about the session being focused purely on whatever your needs or requirements are at the time.

To book you supervision please call Annette Brown on 01253 969695 and I’ll be happy to help where I can.