Coaching Academy

Annette Brown Coaching Academy offers Accredited Life Coach Training at Level 4 Diploma in Life Coaching with NLP

This Accredited Level 4 Diploma Qualification gives the students the confidence, knowledge, skills and proficiencies to work as a Creative Life Coach to help their clients to make truly-positive changes in their life. This training course is filled with so much positive and powerful information to not only help you to help your clients, but also help you to expand and grow personally and professionally.

This course is designed to prepare students to build their business, so they work as self-employed life coaches in their own coaching practice. Over the training months, you will expand and grow from taking your first steps in to coaching through to a high-level of competency across a broad set of coaching approaches.

I am a pioneer of positive living and I’m therefore proficient in positive-personal change! To me, life is a gift, and life coaching is a creative gift for coaches to be able to make such powerful changes to people’s lives. Being a creative life coach gives you the best opportunity to make the positive changes for your clients and their lives.

At Annette Brown Coaching Academy, you will learn with me, everything you need to know to be the best in your field. You’ll be proficient in how you creatively coach, as I personally, offer you the opportunity to develop various styles of my coaching practices. My personal tutoring and experience will enhance your own knowledge to build a successful coaching practice and a successful you!

The Accredited life coaching course is based over 100 hours. Of which 60 are face to face hours, 15 hours self-study and the remaining 25 hours is based upon you coaching 5 independent clients (no other student members) for 5 x 1-hour coaching sessions.

Working with me gives you the opportunity learn in a practical, fun and easy way. This course is based upon an easy to follow learning process which focuses on how you think-feel-behave as a coach and how very astute you become in using coaching and NLP language.

This course is full of informative knowledge with amazing tools and techniques that enables you to competently and skilfully build your coaching skills in a creative and positive way.