Why Choose the Annette Brown School of Hypnotherapy?

The simple answer is ‘to be the best hypnotherapist you can be’. It’s not just a change of career for you, it’s about learning a whole new way of being! This course will bring out the best in the best in those attending to unleash their unlimited potential for them to be successful in the field of hypnotherapy. Success depends on the second letter, U, and my intentions for those on this course is for them to embrace and enjoy success. For most successful people in the world, their success didn’t happen overnight, they had to work at being the best in their field and at becoming the best person that they could possibly be, well those on the course can do the same by learning, embracing and being the best in the field.

I guide the students to understand that there are no limitations in life, only the ones we place upon ourselves. This simply means that we all have unlimited potential, but many of us create limitations for ourselves. When they join me on their quest to becoming a hypnotherapist, I help them to unleash their personal power to ignite the flame of success, so that they can achieve only the best. They discover that they transform into something truly wonderful, just like a beautiful butterfly emerging from a chrysalis.

True self-perception is about honesty and us being honest with ourselves. It’s also about knowing what our own personal strengths and weaknesses are, and then working on underpinning and bolstering our strengths, as well as correcting our weaknesses. We’re human and our natural human tendency is to think that our own perception is like the perceptions of others.  However, this just isn’t the case because we see life through our own emotional filters. When we truly believe something, it will be visible in our life. So, if you truly want to be the best, this course is for you.