Five Element Profiling

Five Element Profiling

This one day event will help you to create a new understanding of all relationships and cultivate positive ways of dealing with everyone you come across!

This Five Element One Day CPD Course will help you to:

To increase your client basis?

To know someone’s traits by just looking at them, or hearing them?

To make a positive difference to your life and others?

To be the best in your field?

To build teamwork among your employees?

To learn a system that is uncomplicated and deeply enlightening to you moving forward in life?

Have you:

  • Ever considered why certain people are the way they are, and act and behave, the way they do?
  • Felt puzzled regarding people speaking without thinking, and being so tactless?
  • Felt unsure as to how people will respond or react to what you say, and have felt self-conscious about dealing with certain types of people?
  • Felt as though certain people tend to talk over you, talk at you, or totally disregard you?
  • Betrayed by the way that someone has treated you?
  • Felt misjudged by certain people, and this has made you feel alone and unsure, as to how to respond?
  • Felt people’s anger being channelled at you, as if you’re to blame?
  • Felt that some people’s obsessive behaviour intolerant?
  • Felt that you try to help and advise people in making positive changes, but somehow, they stay on the negative wheel of life, holding on for grim life, remaining in the passenger seat of life?

My journey of working with the Five Elements began in September 2002 when I began training in Feng Shui, they were part of the 12-month diploma curriculum, and they have been a part of my daily life ever since. They have helped me to steer my way through life by understanding how the five elements manifest in the world, but above all, in people. I must admit that this understanding has truly helped me to become who I am today and conduct my businesses in a very successful way.

My depth of knowledge of the five elements has reinforced my dealings with others, whether it be family, friends or clients, it has helped me to recognise specific traits in people and therefore negotiate situations that would normally have been either difficult or awkward. I believe it has helped me to build my own self-confidence, my own self-belief, but above all trust in myself and my judgements.

Acupuncturists use the five elements theory to understand a person’s nature, personality type and symptoms of any dis-ease. People can be ‘classified’ per the five-element theory. Their body structure, tendencies, temperaments, emotions, positive and negative behaviour, moods and illnesses can all be looked at in relation to the five elements. We are all part of nature, the seasons, and the Earth and therefore we are a manifestation of all the five elements, and what makes us different from one another is which elements is dominant in relation to the others.

I have found that I can work with or handle any type of client who is either depressed, anxious, fearful, self-loathing, no self-belief, in fact up to now, there isn’t anyone that I’ve been unable to help in my business, and this has helped my business grow, beyond belief. I know when people call for an appointment what their element is and this helps me to know how long their initial consultation will be, as I know by their tonality, and when they arrive for their appointment, they are the element I thought they would be.

This CPD course is structured to help you to define those in your life, whether it is family, friends or business clients, so that you can understand their elements. Knowing how the elements operate, will offer understanding to all aspects of who you are dealing with, and give you clarity as to how to deal with them for the best outcome for all parties. You’ll learn how to deal with the slow pace of those who are the water element, and the anger of wood, the volatile energy of fire, the co-dependency of the earth element, and the detachment of metals. You won’t pigeonhole people by their element, but it will allow you to generate compassion for yourself and for others.

You’ll discover that wood people seek challenges and push themselves to the limit, whilst fire people love excitement and intimacy, there is no middle ground, they’re either up or down. Earths seek balance and harmony, however they’re worriers, and have self-doubt, whereas metals love definition, structure and discipline and yet they can be aloof, distant and unnatural. Waters are self-contained and reflective; however, they can be tactless, unforgiving and suspicious!

Knowing what type of element, a person is gives you an advantage point from the word go! Knowing the five elements will empower you in engaging with people in a positive and constructive way. You’ll discover ways of dealing with those who are resistant and have them loving dealing you!

 £100 for the full day: 9.30-5.00 including all course materials, refreshments and lunch.

The Inn on the Prom

11-17 South Promenade

 Lytham Saint Annes


To book your place, please call 01253 969695