EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques

EFT Training Accredited by the ACCPH

Accredited EFT Training courses at The Annette Brown School of Hypnotherapy, Coaching, NLP, EMDR, EFT and Mindfulness. Accredited by the ACCPH for you to learn from the best for you to be the best! I’m a passionate tutor who inspires and motivates students in being the best in whatever they train in. When working with clients and the public we only have one chance to make a first impression, there are no second chances and therefore that impression must be one of competency, compassion, and congruency. EFT Training call 01253 969695

EFT Training Levels Taught by Annette Brown

The EFT Training Part 1 is a One Day Training at the Inn on the Prom in St Annes on Sea and it is the foundation level for you becoming an EFT Practitioner. This is highly comprehensive, knowledgeable, and practical course, is packed full of ideas, tips and techniques. This is very much a course for those looking to forge a career in EFT. On this day you’ll have plenty of opportunity to work on improving all aspects of your life. EFT Training call 01253 969695

EFT Practitioner Level

EFT Practitioner Level (Three Day Training) builds on the knowledge and skills taught on part 1 training.

You’ll work with:

Building bridges between EFT and what your client already knows so that they will be comfortable trying out something that is unfamiliar and may seem unorthodox.

Working safely with clients using tapping to approach difficult issues with the minimum of distress to the client and recognising and managing difficult emotions and reactions during the sessions.

Gently releasing trauma using two processes specifically designed to ease traumatic memories with the minimum of distress. EFT is already a very gentle way to neutralise trauma, in this training you will learn how to soften the process still further.

Finding the core issues that drive problems rather than tapping on the symptoms, learning to investigate the origins of the presenting problem to find what holds the client stuck in their problems. Once these core issues have been identified and resolved the problems associated with them can be easily dealt with.

Finding and dissolving limiting beliefs learning how we restrict our experience of the world with limiting beliefs and how to use EFT to detect and remove those limitations.

Adding reframing to the tapping to help clients to take broader and more useful perspectives on their difficulties.

Working with physical issues using different ways to address physical issues and process physical issues, including how to discover and resolve contributing emotional factors.

Using EFT over the phone and with a group as an addition and alternative to more formal one-to-one sessions. Learning how to use tapping over the phone, Skype and in group settings.

I have been working with Energy Psychology or Meridian Therapies since 2002 and in 2004 I qualified as a meridian psychotherapist. My background is passionately in personal development. It would be fair to say that my focus is always and virtually exclusively on the students on whatever course they embark on. It was in 2002 that my obsession kicked in and I embarked into the field of personal change with a vengeance. As students if you apply yourself like this to any given topic, you can really learn fast about a great many things. EFT Training call 01253 969695

I studied the various fields of personal development. I studied and qualified in hypnosis three times and it became a huge part of my life as I found it fascinating; indeed, fascinating enough at any rate to take many different trainings by many different trainers from various angles on the field. From there, I went to NLP and that was a revelation. NLP is the most useful thing that I have ever learned, ever!

The fear of fear, pain, love, loneliness, desolation, terror and agony runs a very great many, if not all, of our strange human strategies that cause so much inter- and intra-personal conflict. EFT releases us from this bondage and sets us free in a way that is so profound, so “above and beyond. EFT Training call 01253 969695

If you’d like to travel the EFT journey with me call 01253 969695 and I’ll help however I can.

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